UPEI committed to negotiating agreement

UPEI Labour

UPEI wants bargaining with the UPEI Faculty Association (UPEIFA) to continue without delay with the goal of reaching agreement as soon as possible at least by June 30, 2016. As such, the University has applied for conciliation to assist both parties reach a negotiated agreement.

The University is confident the appointment of an independent third party to work with both parties offers the greatest opportunity to resolution.

Yesterday, the UPEIFA filed a complaint against the University with the PEI Labour Relations Board claiming Unfair Labour Practice. The UPEIFA says that it will not return to the table until the complaint is resolved.

The University feels this move is counterproductive to reaching an agreement. It is not the first time the UPEIFA has filed a similar complaint. In the last round of bargaining in 2011 such a complaint was made. It was not resolved by the Labour Relations Board, rather the parties continued negotiating; a new collective agreement was reached and the complaint was withdrawn. The mere filing of a complaint does not relieve either party from fulfilling their legal duty to keep bargaining in good faith.

The University believes an agreement can be reached by June 30, when the faculty agreement expires. UPEI is a strong university with an outstanding faculty, staff, and administration serving our students. The University is committed to working together to continue to foster this relationship.

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