UPEI Statement to CBC

UPEI Labour

CBC News contacted the University earlier today asking us to respond to comments made by Leader of the NDP Mike Redmond. The University's statement follows:

It would be inappropriate for us to comment on Mr. Redmond’s first suggestion (re: merger) and we are not aware of any discussions taking place around this topic.

Regarding the latter, UPEI is very focused on negotiating a collective agreement and welcomes the return to negotiations on June 13 and 14 as set by the conciliator.

The University is confident that both parties can resolve outstanding issues with the assistance of a third-party independent conciliator and conclude an agreement by June 30, 2016 when the Faculty Association collective agreement expires.

Labour disruption is of no benefit whatsoever to the University or, most importantly, to our students. We are committed to arriving at a deal by June 30 because we want to have labour peace.

The University has about 1000 summer students including students in programs that run through the summer like nursing, education, and veterinary medicine. The very last thing we want to do is cause our students any stress by interrupting their studies. In addition, we do not want to risk our efforts regarding recruitment and retention. This is why reaching a deal by June 30 is so important.